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people management

When you put managers in charge of others you want to help them do a good job. By training in the principles of people management and this includes the basics such as motivating their staff, delegating efficiently and sharing praise as well as handling conflict. They'll be a better manager because of it and you'll have happy and efficient teams!
time management

Taking control of what needs to be delivered each day is vital both on an individual and company basis. JWC helps you and your staff to organise a working day by making the best of the time available. We'll show you effective prioritising and how to handle the things that can put a "spanner in the works". We'll even provide some helpful tips so that you and your staff can leave work knowing you've done all you set out to achieve that day!
coach the coach

As your business grows so should your staff. To help you keep the people who add value to your business, we can give your managers the skills needed to coach your teams. This will encourage new talents and expertise so you'll see people grow within your company and contribute to its success.
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