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Julia Wallis Consultancy (JWC) was created to help businesses get increased performance from their staff and for individuals to develop their skills that they can put to use both inside and outside of their workplace.

Set up in 2004, JWC provides training and development opportunities for people in all types of businesses and industries.
The programmes they design are put together with a thorough understanding of your training needs and will ensure these always reflect your business objectives.
JWC aims to help you achieve the best from your people and that means making your business even more successful.
what do we do?

JWC works with you to manage, design and deliver training solutions by offering a whole range of training and development services that focus on what's important to your company including;

· workshops that focus on increasing skills
· structured management and leadership programmes
· solutions that enable your teams to work together
· consultancy services to make the HR and recruitment process easy

Whatever your training needs are, JWC have the experience to help your business continue to succeed.
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