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communicate effectively

Being able to communicate effectively helps build an individual's confidence. We have training that can help do just that by understanding how communication can be effective in both verbal and non-verbal ways.

presentation skills

Making presentations can be nerve wracking for many people! But by coaching people to prepare and structure their presentation, we can help them to control their nerves. In turn they'll deliver informative presentations with confidence.
negotiating skills

We all come across times when we have to negotiate to get exactly what we want - it happens both at home and work. We can put together a learning experience that can help you achieve this.
assert yourself

Have you ever walked away from an awkward situation and afterwards thought "I wish I'd said that" or "I should've handled that situation differently"? Our assertiveness modules focus on the tactics and skills your teams can adopt including how to say "no" with confidence and when it's necessary to say it.
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